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Using a logic and easy to use step-by-step structure, as provided in this book, has proven beneficial effects on your responses to stress and anxiety under challenging circumstances. It prevents you from reacting impulsively but enables you to control and manage difficult situations, to abate aggression effectively and resolve conflict.

These essential skills make you feel competent, self-confident and secure and also generally help you maintain your inner balance in difficult social relations.


“After a decade of training and teaching, I am proud to offer you this realistic and proven effective concept for dealing with aggressive and hostile people and resolving conflict” The Author

 “Each separate skill described in this book is informative, useful and important in its own regard. However, when arranged and combined in a certain structure, as provided by this book, these elements transform into a powerful tool for de-escalating aggression and finding solutions for conflicts.”


Essential Social Skills: How to de-escalate Aggression and resolve Conflict

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